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Supporting Infants and Young Children

At Trellis we believe in you and your family. We believe in living life to the fullest. Our programs and services help people who face mental health and developmental challenges and their families lead lives filled with meaning and promise. Our staff and volunteers help people set and meet their own goals.

Every child goes through good and bad timesIt is a part of growing up and learning important skills for becoming independent. When sad, angry, fearful, or defiant behaviours last for a long time, they may be a sign of a bigger problem. About one in every five children in Ontario suffers from a mental, emotional or behavioural illness that will affect their daily routine at home and school.

Children with developmental disabilities learn skills in a different wayBabies, infants and toddlers all have natural stages of growth that parents and doctors follow. When a child is diagnosed with a developmental disability such as Down Syndrome, Autism, or Global Developmental Delay it means they will develop skills differently from other children. Children who are at risk for a developmental delay should be identified early.

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